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A Review for the South Beach Diet

This diet is one of the healthy, delicious and commercial weight loss diets. It is a low carbohydrates diet that has high fats and protein content. The purpose of the South Beach Diet plan is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. People have been using this diet for the last decade.

This diet has been proven to be effective in promoting heart health and encouraging rapid weight loss. Dr. Agatston developed it. Its main goal was to create a healthy diet that allows dietetic, prediabetic and overweight individuals to lose weight and reduce the risk associated with heart diseases. You can learn more about this weight loss diet plan and its pricing details by referring to this website. Many people have used this to lose belly fat and shed off the excess weight. In general, this is a diet that emphasizes low-glycemic carbs, lean meats, and unsaturated fats.

Diet Details

broccoli-fiber-rich foods

The South Beach Diet has a healthy balance of lean proteins, good carbs, and healthy fats. It is a fiber-rich, and nutrient-rich diet that every person should follow. Foods with a high glycemic index should be avoided as they are known for in increasing blood sugar, longer, faster and higher as compared to those that have a low index. Increasing the level of blood sugar can lead to increased weight gain and eating. This is an effect that can contribute to diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

With this diet, people are taught about various types of foods and how to limit unhealthy fats. Eating foods that have healthy monounsaturated fats is highly recommended. In addition to this, this is a diet that emphasizes the importance of whole grains and fiber. A healthy diet plan should also include vegetables and fruits.


Individuals who are taking this diet plan are advised to engage in exercises and other fitness programs. Exercise is an essential component of every healthy lifestyle. It is helpful in preventing weight loss plateaus and boosting metabolism.

Its Three Phases

Phase 1

This is a two-week phase which is well-designed to deal with cravings associated with refined starches and sugary foods. Some of the carbohydrates that you need to cut in your diet include bread, pasta, and fruit. Again, you should avoid drinking alcohol and fruit juice. Instead, you should eat low-fat dairy and high-fiber vegetables, and food with unsaturated, healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Phase 2

brown rice

This is the longest term of this weight loss program. In this phase, you should add back those foods that were prohibited in phase 1 such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, vegetables, and whole–grain pasta. You should continue taking these foods until you attain your weight goal.



Phase 3

This is the last phase. It is generally referred to as the maintenance phase. In this phase, you are advised to continue all the principles that you have learned in the other two phases. In general, you should take all the healthy foods in moderation.…